Sep, 2015

Apples latest flagships iphone 6s and 6s plus are here

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The curtains have been lifted and the new flagship models of Apple are finally here. On September 9th Apple unveiled its latest smartphones iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus. So what was do different about this version of Apple’s S model release. Well for starters this time around the S model update is an actual upgrade unlike the previous versions which were just only minor change releases. In terms of key date updates: Pre-Order started from September 12th. iOS 9 will be available from September 16th iphone 6s and 6s […]



Jan, 2015

Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2015

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With the start of the new year and kick-off of 2015 we are looking forward a great deal to the next generation of gadgets in 2015. What we are optimistic about and ¬†hoping for now is that the wave of smartphones in 2015 will fulfill promises like better looks, faster performance, better camera and not to forget the most important of them longer lasting batteries. Also its expected that Android smartphones will also shift towards the 64-bit architecture just like Apple has already done. Alongside that the latest snapdragon 810 […]