Mar, 2016

Apple Spring 2016 Special Event Updates

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Its time to set all those rumors away and see what Apple really has in store for its fans on their Apple Spring 2016 Special Event. Cooks shares a reference to the 1 billion active Apple device which is without a doubt a true milestone. Environment is important to Apple and the fact that 99% of their packaging comes from recycled paper bears testimony to this very fact. ResearhKit is maybe one of the most important things that Apple is currently working on, which has enormous health benefits where people […]



Apr, 2015

Most Expensive Products from the stores of Apple – The Top 6!

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Apple has created a niche market for itself. Be it the tablets, computers or smartphones, Apple is everywhere. Apple products have always stood out from the rest of crowd since ages now and this quality doesn’t come cheap. Lets take a walk down the top 6 most expensive products available at the Apple store. V Track x 30 Series Ultra Dense Expansion Chassis With a price bracket of $70, 000 this is undoubtedly the most expensive product that you can get in any Apple store. This hard drive rack has 60 three–terabyte […]



Jan, 2015

iPhone 6 Sent Into Space and Back – Lives the Drop Test

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Well, here is some good news for the Apple fans out there. Afraid of dropping your iPhone 6, then think again. The iPhone 6 just survived the drop test from space. The iPhone was sent into space with a balloon and a rig that included two GoPros. The iPhone 6 was elevated to about 101,000 feet where the outside temperature is -54 degrees Fahrenheit, it also survived spins up to 150rpm and 70mph winds. This stunt was pulled off by Phone case maker Urban Armor Gear where they sent the iPhone into space using a […]



Nov, 2014

Apple Watch: 27.8 million units in 2016?

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One of the reasons Apple is hitting new highs lately is largely based on expectations for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is expected deliver 19.6 million units in calendar 2015 and 27.8 million in 2016 and could reposition the Apple brand. 2015 shipments would equate to 6 percent of Apple’s installed base. The iPad had about 35 percent of the installed base in the same launch time frame. All these are speculations coming from analyst’s and only time will tell and prove them right or wrong, so lets wait and […]



Nov, 2014

Apple’s iPhone 6 Sales Drive App Downloads Sky-High

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Apple will have sold roughly 70 million iPhones in the holiday quarter this year, easily a record for the company. Lately Apple has been breaking all sorts of records set in the past, starting from its sky-high stock value, iPhone6 sales figures and now its App downloads. Ever since the launch of Apple iPhone6 in September the App download figures of October were reported to be sky-high where the prime contributor is the new iPhone6 growing by 42% from the month of September. Reaching at 7.8 million App downloads from […]