Sep, 2015

Apples latest flagships iphone 6s and 6s plus are here

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The curtains have been lifted and the new flagship models of Apple are finally here. On September 9th Apple unveiled its latest smartphones iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus. So what was do different about this version of Apple’s S model release. Well for starters this time around the S model update is an actual upgrade unlike the previous versions which were just only minor change releases.

In terms of key date updates:

  • Pre-Order started from September 12th.
  • iOS 9 will be available from September 16th
  • iphone 6s and 6s plus will be available from September 25th

So keep on looking out in line with the above dates. Exciting times for Apple fans.



Below are some of the feature upgrade details of both the iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus.

Features List:

  • 3D Touch
  • 64-bit A9 chip with M9
  • 2nd-gen Touch ID
  •  12MP iSight camera and 4K video
  • 5MP FaceTime HD with Retina Flash
  • Live Photos
  • 6s: £539 for 16GB model – £619 for 64GB – £699 for 128GB
  • 6s Plus: £619 for 16GB model – £699 for 64GB – £789 for 128GB

Apple’s emphasis on hardware upgrades over design development follows the pattern that the Cupertino-based company has long established: significant changes come in the even years and incremental updates in the odd. It’s a move that could possibly alienate buyers as much cheaper “premium” handsets compete with titans like Apple for market share. This having been said the biggest, and most noticeable change to this year’s set of phones is “3D Touch,” a pressure-sensitive display technology that lets you push in to do new things on your phone.

Apple says that its phone may look the same as last year’s model, but its iPhone 6S duo has achieved more inner strength. This time it uses a different grade of aluminum for its chassis, one that also has applications in the aerospace industry. They call it Series 7,000, and it’s the same aluminum alloy Apple puts into its Apple Watch Sport. There is a new Rose Gold color in the market for the iphone 6s and 6s plus this time around.

Apple’s cameras have been the subject of exasperation for several years, given that Samsung, Sony and HTC’s lenses are often double the pixel capacity of the 6 and 6 Plus’ frankly average 8MP. The upgrade to 12MP is welcome, pictures displayed on the screen looked crisper and sharper than on previous models.The Live Photos feature, which stitches together photos to create a brief video of movement – ripples on a lake, or a child grinning, for example – is much like a gif. While it does look cool, it is worth remembering that Nokia showcased an incredibly similar feature years previously, known as the clunkier-named Living Images, making it far from innovative.

I’m a current iPhone user and while it would have been nice to see some changes to the design of the phone itself, I am happy with the changes Apple has made. Imaging. Battery life. Force Touch. Granted, they’re not HUGE shifts in the way things work, but each will have a positive knock on effect on how I interact with my iPhone. The screens also now use Ion-X reinforced glass – tougher than Sapphire Glass.Also, we CANNOT confuse Apple with an Android manufacturer, either. Apple is Apple and it does things its own way; people seem to like the way it does things, sort of like Radiohead — whatever they put out, good or bad, people lap it up. And this is the kind of cult-following you simply cannot buy and it is also why Apple’s new releases are planned to the finest detail and never rock the boat too much.

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